Real Gambia Holidays were set up with two main aims. Firstly, to provide holidays which fill the gap between mass tourism in hotels and the complete independence of self catering accommodation, and secondly, to provide a business which employs as many local people as possible, with money remaining in Gambia, helping to relieve poverty by providing training and employment.

The holiday gives you the chance to experience a different culture, amongst local people who really enjoy introducing visitors to their way of life.

A guide is allocated to each apartment. It is their job to make sure you have everything you need ranging from fresh bread for breakfast, trips and tours to local places of interest, money changed, company or peace and quiet.

The guides are all either friends or family of the owners and have all grown up together. They live on site and are available 24hours a day.

We have tried to allow you to be as independent or 'looked after' as you choose. Services we offer include having local meals cooked for you in your apartment, use of the compound Bar-be-cue, watch 'the boys' cook local dishes and then eat with them, or book a Taxi to the nearby resort of Kololi (10 minutes away) with its variety of bars and restaurants.